Rugs or carpets

Rugs are considered as textile fabricated floor covering clothing, consist of an upper layer of pile, attached to backing. It can also be composed of manmade fiber like nylon, and polyester or sometimes wool.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is based upon fascinating and extra ordinarily beauteous collection of Indian designs floor rugs and mats.

Beautiful Indian rugs and mats collection 2014

We are disclosing a fascinating collection of elegantly designed and maintained gaily Indian embroider rugs and mats, currently at high demand all over world. as you can observe that every country possess its cultural dominant characteristics and facts that are elevated in respect of any important sequence all over the world which is counted as specialty of that culture, Indian embroider gaily carpets that we have elected are of them. Grab any of master pieces and feel cultural importance and beauty of Indian cultural characteristics.

Suitable for

Our presented batch is linked with display of gaily embroider cultural Indian designed rugs and mats, to decorate indoors with beauty of Indian culture.

1 great indian rugs

2 best indian rugs

3 red and pink indian rugs