Spot Free Hands Home Remedies & Beauty Tips:

It is observed that mostly girls & women pay attention towards their face & they neglect their hands. Consequently there exists a lot of difference between face & hands. Hands help us to perform lots of duties daily so I think we should take care of our hands. So, don’t neglect your hands. Get amazing, easy & beneficial tips for getting soft, healthy, fair, spot free & younger looking hands tips. I am sure that these tips or quick guide will help you a look to remove aging sign, wrinkles, spots, dryness harshness from your bony or vainly hands. Without wasting any single minute let’s starts!

1)    You wash your hands lots of time in day so after washing hands tries to moisturizing your hands by using anti-aging & brightening hand creams. That suits best on your skin.
2)    Try to wear glove whenever you go outside in sun for long hours as well as during planting & gardening, dish washing activities.

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3)    Try to use SPF (Sun Protection Foundation) because it will protect your hands from UV exposure. Buy a top quality SPF now & save your beautiful hands.
4)    You can use bleaching cream (that you use of face) for removing dark brown spots from your hands.

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5)    Try to exfoliate your hands by taking equal quantity of sugar and olive oil, make a mixture & then massage on hands. Do it at least once in a week. After some weeks you can see the positive change in your hands.
6)    For getting healthy & youthful hands you can use of Vaseline regularly. It’s good for hands.

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7)    Try to make your hands more beautiful by paying attention towards nails because in hand beauty nails also play a vital role. So don’t neglect nails.
8)    A low quality remover can dry out your nails so avoid using low quality remover. Always prefer high quality or top brand removers. It will never lose nail shine.


9)    Sometimes ladies face a problem of yellow nails. It is due to the direct application of dark nail colors on nails so try to remove yellowish by rubbing a lemon slice it will whiten your nails. Next time be careful & try to apply base paint first & then apply nail paint.
10)    In case of severe dry, allergic & spots hands I suggest you to consult a skin specialist & prefer doctor treatment.

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