Mirror is basically is an object which reflects a clear image. It is typically manufactured with glass but coated with a metal frame.  It is most widely used for the various purposes one of these is to look yourself in mirror after dressing or makeover. These are also used for personal grooming. Decoration and architecture are some other artistic purposes which are very well served by the mirror.

These are also mostly used in various electric or scientific items such as in cameras, microscope etc. Now in this age of fashion, mirrors are also greatly influenced by the innovative designs. Consequently you can find fabulously, gorgeously & artistically designed mirrors in various cuts, shapes & frames. The frames that are used for framing a mirror may be manufactured from wood, metal or plastic.

The full size mirror is used in the bedroom while it is also used in living room as well as in washrooms. You can see Round, Square, Rectangular & Oval shapes mirror into the following look book. You can hang a mirror on a wall as well as you can also fix it with the help of pins. Here into the following photo gallery you can check out the very beautifully designed mirrors that you can select for your home or office.

About: Mirrors
For: hanging on the walls of Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Washroom, offices
Collection includes Mirrors: Antique Style Design & with Modern Cuts
Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval etc
Frames are decorated with: Floral Patterns

Oval Shape Ancient Style Mirror for Your Home Wall

1 Beautiful Decorative Mirror 2014

Round Shape Antique Pattern Hand Mirror for Girls

2 2014 ideas Beautiful Decorative Mirror

Curvy Rectangular Shape Simple Yet Elegant Mirror

3 new fashion Beautiful Decorative Mirror ideas