Mehndi is very popular among ladies; they adorn their hands with the application of mehndi at different special occasions. For the religious festivals and for wedding ceremony, it is considered compulsory.

It is equally popular among ladies. In past years, mehndi is applied on the entire palms of hands and the sole of feet just to make the color but with the passage of time it is varied and nowadays different beautiful designs are applied not only the palms but back side of hands also.

We have gathered some beautiful designs for back side of hands, these designs are not just for brides but other girls can also get ideas from here. Look at this design, this full hand mehndi design is perfect for the brides to enhance the beauty of her beautiful hands.

If you are an engagement bride then this design will work best for you, choose the same design for both hands and accessorize your mehndi hands with matching rings to look them more beautiful.

This simple but beautiful and different mehndi design can be applied for casual occasions also. Three flowers are made just below the small fingers and these flowers are linked with the index finger by making different dotted chain in haar style.

To compliment this design, all fingers are decorated with delicate design made on the middle of each finger. If your engagement is about to come, you must select this design for the day. Beautiful design is made on the back side of the hand, the area between the index finger and thumb is covered with the design.

Start the design with your index finger and finish it with your thumb, leave the remaining all three fingers empty to compliment the beauty of your engagement ring. This design is perfect for the girls who love mehndi but don’t want to cover their hands, so they can go with this design.

Everyone can do it easily; leaf vines are made on each finger in ring style and these can create the illusion of wearing stylish rings. Brides who love mehndi and want to fully cover their hands with beautiful design should go for this design.

The complex design fully covers the entire hand including all fingers and thumb also looking so beautiful. No doubt the design is so beautiful but only an expert can make this design beautifully and finely.

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