Today, we are going to talk you about fantastic topic which is interesting for children. Mostly children take interest in arts and drawing. Students decorate their classrooms with charts, paintings and format sheet. Here, we present some exclusive ideas for children to decorate their doors of schools and classrooms.

Students adorned their classes and schools on special days such as result function, Independence Day, Eid Milan party and last day at school etc. Here are some pictures of decorative class doors. These doors adorned with colorful charts, hard chart, format sheet, ribbons and beads.

We can make many things with charts and format sheet such as sun, flower, cartoon, trees and many other things. You can write golden lines, theme words, and special messages on the door beautiful pattern. Such activities enhance children’s thinking point and these activities give more chances to children that they can do something new.

school Door decoration collection

tree style Door decoration for school

white color Door decoration for school