In the Middle East women make over their eye in gorgeous and stunning look in Arabian style. The different countries have different culture of make up. The make is use in the routine life but it is change with the time. The women always seek out the best style of eye make up because the eyes are the main part which is effect the personality of the human. The eyes are the most important part of the face. It reflects the heart filling in a minute. In Arabic girls Makeup style the make up in different color and in different ways. This style of make up is the very trendy and stylish look to the bridal face.

It is very important to apply the eye color with care. The Arabian bride use this style of make up and like it the most. The make up make your face features prominent and the eye make up make the tiny eyes big with make up. The base is main part of make up and the skin tone is the very necessity for it to choose the best base color match with your skin.The second part is going to eye shadow the dress color is help to do the eye make up.

The thick eye liner and the mascara give the best look to the eyes. The blushes on to your chicks are making the face shape round and look beautiful. In Arabic make up the pink blush on is used in very light tone. The eye liner and shade is the dark with thick mascara. For lip usually they use the lip gloss in light shade and outline with dark shade.

Topic: Arabic girls Makeup style 2013
Style: Arabian
Color: different in light and dark
Material: base, eye shade, liner, mascara, blush on and gloss
Perfect for: Arabian girls.

Arabic bridal Eye Makeup fashion 2013

Arabic girls dark lipstic Makeup 2013

Arabic girls Makeup for wedding 2013