Kids are the sweetest part of the world. Their stuff like toys and other things plays an important role in their basic learning’s. Kids like to have colorful stuff and the things which are identical to the things they see in their real life such as birds, animals, etc. these kind of toys make them more happy and also cheer them up. Especially toys like puppet are really amazing kind of toy for all those kids who are interested in learning.
Here we are demonstrating you some of the examples of alligator puppets. It is really one the most great teaching toy so that kids also will listen to you in a lot of excitement when you make them to listen towards you by wearing one of these puppets to your hand. It can be a story teller. It can also includes enthusiasm to the reading time of the children. These alligators puppets are made up of stuuf like paper bags, rough clothes, cardboard, thermocol, and some are stuffed with soft cotton etc. the details added to these puppets are by using charts, beads, cardboards etc.

Topic: Alligator puppets
Used for: playing, learning and teaching purpose
Stuff used: paper bags, cardboard, thermocol, cloth pieces, etc

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alligator puppets collection 2014