Exceptional 2016 resort anthology by Tomas Maier

Today, at this fashion blog you will know about celebrated renowned fashion designer that basically connected with German and born in Pforzheim city and now he is almost 65 years old. Luckily, Tomas Meier grew in the family of architects that become great source to amplify his creative skills. As a childhood, Maier attended Waldorf School and then transferred to Paris where he enrolled his name in the Chamber Syndical de la Haute Couture and started his job career as creative director of Italian brand Bottega Veneta. Tomas Maier established his own label business since in 1997 with partner Andrew Preston.
Terrific fascinated resort collection of girls’ fashionist garments is recently launched by Tomas Maier for up-coming 2016 that is ultra-modern dress up silhouettes for modish trendiest girls to enjoy up to dated fashion. According the current altered fashion mode this superb stunning assortment is consists on exquisite lovable valued inspiring attires such as skinny tights with overcoat, classy strappy gowns, trouser with tops, patch work tunics, folded hem denim jeans with jacket, drawstring trouser with upper and many more. Varied types of finest chic materials utilized to create this admiring featurism collection that has dazzling classy colors’ scheme. All dresses have exclusive flattering fashion grace that is superlative for formal & casual wear to attract the lovely attention of fashion lovers.  Take a look!

1.    Simple rested trouser with hood style front zipper drawstring upper

1Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (1)

2.    Spaghetti straps endearing pocket style gown for formal wear

2 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (2)

3.    Deep v-neckline lattice style tunic with folded sleeves

3Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (3)
4.    Half sleeves cozy long waist belted coat for modish girls

4 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (4)
5.    Dashing personality with green jacket & slinky jeans & retro shoes

5 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (5)

6.    Thrice vibrant tints baggy girls’ tunic for informal wear

6 esort 2016 Collection (9)

7.    Attractive black leather slim sheath attire with waist belt

7 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (12)

8.    Royal blue denim jacket & jeans for trendy fashionist girl

8 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (10)

9.    Skinny tights with floral skirt & over wear fur hood coat

9 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (6)

10.    Drawstring sport trouser set for young boys by Tomas Maier


10 Tomas Maier Resort 2016 Collection (11)