Collection of Shiatzy for 2016 ready to wear       

Shiatzy chen was introduced the collection in 1978 .Shitzy was respected for the tradition and modernity and gave the new look to the Chinese culture ,introduced the collection inspired by the Chinese culture and  modern aesthetic .Shiatzy chen  has  participated in the Paris  fashion week in 2008  and aside from Taiwan the brand has expanded in the many big countries like, Hong Kong, China,Malaysia,Hong Kong ,Macao  etc .  With the successful and achievement in the industry of fashion Shiatzy has carry on the mission of bringing the chic fashion in China and the other big countries. Like the other designer of the world Shiatzy has also introduced the collection of   spring and summer of this year because the women who like to wear the shiatzy collection are   very excited to and in search of the collection of Shiatzy. In the   collection of Shiatzy the western and Chinese tailoring methodology is seen much more .Incorporated Chinese embroidery and brocade in to its   design and the unique and remarkable style is in Shiatzy designing.

Very bold colors are found in the collection of   Shiatzy collection full sleeves flare double shirt with plain shirt is very nice and graphic  designing   and geometrical printed and  floral styles are very   fabulous in  the  Shiatzy collection and the dark  both colors are  very common. Shiatzy collection is very nice and perfect for the spring season because in the spring bloom colors are specific for the spring .Jump suit skirt and top, trouser and sleeveless shirts are stitches according to the tailoring of Chinese and western. We can see   every colors and the touch of every beautiful prints can be seen in the collection of Shiatzy. You can buy these dresses on the wedding ceremonies and many fashions .If you select the collection of Shiatzay then you can wear the dresses of it because it is perfect for the spring and summer   casual and formal.

1. Shiatzy Chen Collection Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Shiatzy Chen Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2016 in Paris

2. Shiatzy Chen Collection Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear (8) 2. Shiatzy Chen Collection Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear (9)

Fashion tips:

Dresses which are selected for the summer should be very light weight and Shiatzy all dresses can be wearing in casually and formally. So   must add a dress in your wardrobe and enjoy your summer season.