Bonanza Garments Industries claim a history of continuous business pursuits stretching back over 28 years. Bonanza always presented a wide range of products including readymade garments of men’s and women’s, sweaters and lawn collection. Now it has presented a luxury black & white cambric collection for the winters. All the dresses in this collection are setup in cotton cambric material to keep the temperature in mind and all the clothes are unstitched that you can prepare them according to the size and style. This collection fuses 1pc, 2 pc and 3pc embroidery and embroidered shirts are printed with appeal. This season, immerse yourself in the black and white color.

The dress is totally in black color and printed with white color a tight pant is stitched with printed shirt. Embroidered shirt is designed in mysterious black color will look with black tight pant and self print grey shirt is also decorated with thread embroidery in white color done around the neckline both the shirts can be carried with white Patiala shalwar too. Thread embroidery in off-white shade is done in the panel style and centre of the border of the shirt and also on the edges of the sleeves and there is plain shalwar and two print dupatta with this embroidered shirt.

Organza stuff in black color is placed on the borders of the sleeves and shirt and white thread embroidery is done on black organza looking very nice. Embroidery in straight lines in white color is done in the center part of this dark grey self printed shirt and sleeves are also decorated with same thread embroidery in floral pattern. There is a white shirt designed in cotton in self print and garnished with digital floral print in grey and different shades. The botanical print shirt is very nice and stitched in nice way the fabric of shirt is placed on the sleeves in stripes.

The mysterious black shirt is looking very good with the fusion of white print and there is an option for you that you can wear this shirt with black tights and white shalwar. Embroidery around the neckline is done in stripes and white lace is also placed around the stripes to make the shirt more beautiful and the sleeves are also looking good with the addition of embroidered organza borders. Front part of the shirt is designed with white thread embroidery and the back part is totally printed in two colors.
All the dresses in this collection are fabulous and eye catching just see and choose for you and make your winters happy.

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