An iconic brand Shariq Textile has emerged in front of us with its unique collection for winter named  Reeva linen exclusive winter collection 2016-2017.Shariq brand is eminent and  renowned not only in Pakistan but also in UK,USA, Canada and Australia. Now with the change of season every woman would like to know about the upcoming fashion. Amazingly Shariq brand has introduced its new collection for the new season which comprised three pieces suits with new style pattern and color scheme.

Mostly the stock consists of overcoat shirts, small jacket shirts and tight frock styles. All shirts are embroidered on front, boarder and sleeves. The most prominent colors in this collection are navy blue, pure blue, pink, baby pink, tough black, yellow, magenta, reddish orange, red, indigo and  parrot green etc. All of these colors look fascinating and captivating. Women would love to buy these outfits as they will give a totally different dimension to their wardrobe.

The uniqueness of this new stock lies in its use of marvelous color combination and then embellished neckline, sleeves and Daman of shirts enhance its beauty. After its previous collection everyone was looking for Shariq textile next collection. Shariq Textile has proved itself again as the best brand of Pakistan. We have a long catalogue comprising a variety of dresses all are enthralling and awesome. Shariq is also famous for using authentic and genuine fabric.

That is why its demand and value is increasing in market and its business is going on very well. Now the good news for every conscious woman about her presence is that she can have variety of colorful dresses which will definitely make her more charming and graceful in this winter.

The dresses are looking very modern with intrigue design and style. Moreover the brand has not forgotten its country tradition and norms but still brought change and innovation. This theme of bringing newness but according to our culture and values is commendable.

blue-and-white-color-beautiful-girls-dress collection-of-reeva-linen-winter-dress designer-dress-for-girls new-brend-reeva-linen-design-dress