VERSACE is named on behalf of its designer, Donatella Versace. Donatella is one of prominent and exalted designer among whole fashion world. She commenced her fashion sequence decade ago with her late and most beloved elder brother Gianni Versace. Donatella held great glory in taste concerning with party, even she was rewarded with the name of party animal. This blunt designer had worked with eminent lady gaga in her fashion segment about a year ago.
After this compressed intro, we are presenting you with bold and modish collection of outfits which is directly concerned with party events. Outfits enclosed in this collection are excessively bold and fashion up to dated, with the accomplishment of dazzling designing facts and figures with fantastic application of colors. Such collection is undoubtfully designed for party animals as well.

Topic:  Paris couture week collection by VERSACE.
Colors: hot and bold colors like black, lemon, orange and white.
Suitable for: party lovers

girls VERSACE couture week collection dress 2014

2014 VERSACE couture week dress ideas


black color VERSACE couture week collection 2014 dress

blue color VERSACE couture week collection 2014