Highlights of manav gandgvani bridal couture week 2016

Besides other fashion clothing, wedding dresses remain in demand as every season have various of wedding plans of people which requires wedding dresses at special prices and at special designs which follows out style as well as tradition of religion which people follows. Wedding dresses is always a hit side in fashion collection and fashion designers all over the world are greatly focused on their ambition of creating out amazing and encourage able designs at once to show out at fashion platform in front of whole world.

We have already display out some of western style wedding dresses even those designs have little bit effect of traditional extracts in embroider techniques that are followed by south Asian countries as well. Traditional embroidery textures, coloring schemes and ideas of south Asian fabrics are considered as foremost designing items of whole world.
Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of remarkable and highly fascinating fashion traditional style collection of bridal dresses in India, designed and displayed by manav gandvani at India bridal couture week platform.

Each and every segment have gold gotta touch in it with multiple traditional embroidery textures and style on dark and light blend able shades to make each and every dress appealing and eye catching. Models presenting these dresses are simple as the whole look is upon dress and also that models have to be simple enough to encourage out beauty of dress. Just take a look at highlights that have been drafted by us for our dear viewers.

Beautiful bridal lehenga:


South asian embroidered bridal gown:


Royal maroon wedding dress:


Most beautiful designer wedding dress:


High gold embroidered wedding lehenga:


Different style wedding dress:


White bridal frock:


 Manav Gangvani blue wedding gown:


New India Bridal Couture Week

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Velvet blue wedding gown:

9 (2)