Anju Modi Bajirao Mastani collection:

1 Anju Modi Bajirao Mastani Collection (29)

Once again Sanjay Leela Bansali has rocked the Indian cinema by his recent historic love based movie “Bajirao Mastani”. Its love story of a general of the Maratha Empire in India who was serving duties as Peshwa for fourth Maratha Chhatrapati Shahu from 1720 to his death, he falls in love with a half Muslim court dance girl “Mastani” despite that he is earlier married to Kashibai.  Sanjay Leela Bansali is distinctive among the Indian producer due to his sense of appropriate atmosphere to convey his story. Sets for shotting, dialogues and costumes all are excellent expression of a specific culture or timer. If you have seen Bajirao then definitely you have examine this thing. In Bajirao we find different wearing style of each character which was superbly accommodating to their characters.

From dressing style inspiration of Bajirao Mastani, our talented indian designer “Anju Modi” disclosed an inspiring collection which has excellent expression of regal grace. Splendid wearing styles inspired from Bajirao Mastani are shard in this fabulous collection. I must say that you will e stun by this matchless collection. Deepika was showstopper for this collection and her regal elegance is tremendously matchless in designer esteemed dressing style. Each dress of this fabulous collection is just immaculate ad teemed with royal magnificence. Anju Modi is deeply engaged with those regal patterns which are showcased in Bajirao Mastani and she polished their exclusive elegance more lispingly. Let’s discuss some flattering features of this enormously prestigious and pyre regal collection disclosed y Anju Modi.

Wearing style of collection:

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Anju Modi is seemed greatly occupy by the regal charm and she disclosed exact sub-continental regal elegance in her collection. We find, fascinating lehanga choli, looser pattern trousers, flare frocks, shararas, long gowns and front pen style shirts. Each dressing idea is paired with double or single dupattas. Dupatta on head is further accentuating regal elegance of sub-continent.

Embellishing pattern of collection:

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Each dress of this fantastic collection is bedecked with astonishing precious patterns. Heavy embroideries, precious stone works, zardosi, native tassels, astonish printed patterns and tremendously alluring wearing styles all are designing embellishing touches of this fabulous collection. Every single piece of this regal collection is matchless expression of royalty and gorgeous splendor.

Hues and stuffs:

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Designer selected most precious and fancy fabric stuffs to define the regal magnificence of these alluring attires. Brocade, precious silk, organza, banarsi, circle, chiffon and many other opulent fabric stuffs are inserted in this collection to boost up flattering elegance of this collection and we talk about hues then we find both pastel and vibrant patterns in intricate schemes of this collection. All hues are purely used to justifying royal grace and prestigious patterns of this evocative collection.

Accessorizing ideas:

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Anju Modi is seemed greatly conscious not only with collection but also with it accessorizing concepts. To highlight regal grace, precious conventional style jewelry accessories and makeup are selected to explore exact royal charisma of this fantastic collection. I must say that every costume and its accessorizing vision will take you other patterns to attain a royal magnificence. Gold and pearl embellished royal necklaces, gluband, jhumar, earring, rings and bangles are projecting accurate royal figures in precious expressions.

Deepika Padukone as showstopper:

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To accentuate exact regal magnificence of this collection Anju Modi selected the royal heroine of “Bajirao Mastani”. Yes it’s Deepika Padukone who expressed the matchless grace of this evocative collection. Deepika’s dress, its intricate patter, embellishing vision and concept if wearing this dress al are purely royal and teemed with majestic elegance. Amazingly Deepika justified the classy attributes of this collection by her iconic beauty.

Final note:

You must take a keen view of every single costume of this prestigious collection to find the matchless patterns of this immaculate collection, so enjoy an admiring view of all these stunning attires offered by Anju Modi.