Saiid Kobeissy launched 2016 pre-fall dress collection

Saiid Kobeissy is the name of renowned & eminent talented exotic Lebanese fashion designer that was born in 1978 & established his business in 2002 and is getting worldwide popularity time to time because his unique & exceptional silhouettes, finest material of foreign countries, detailing embroidery & outstanding innovative slit designs. Here, I am going to share Saiid Kobeissy recent launched 2016 pre-fall collection that is consists on unexpected charming & graceful dresses those are formatted in slinky 7 skinny body con designs, mermaid silhouette, idealistic nude cut pattern sheath, waist belted attires, halter neckline upper bodice and many more. These exquisite lovable garments all have individual featuring beauty with crystals embroidery details and valued inspiring straight dresses. Dazzling adorable pastel shades in which aqua, turquoise, navy blue, royal blue, creamy white & black and lime green are founded with endearing charming grace. Really, this sophisticated collection is heart-touching & breathtaking. Have an impressive look and get inspiration.

Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150026 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150031 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150041 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150051 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150061 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150071 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150081 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June20150091 Saiid-Kobeisy-Pre-Fall-2016-Ready-to-Wear-Collection-BellaNaija-June201500101