In the Pakistan the fashion weeks are arranged in the Pakistan because the ladies are very excited for the new style and the trendy dresses these dresses are  introduced by the designers through the fashion weeks and  in these weeks different  well known designers take part.

And it is their wish that  unique and different things are designed by them for their awaited  fans and when they launched their  new style dresses then all the customers  start searching about the  collection on the different fashion magazines and the catalogue .

The dresses are in very decent style and colors it is not only for the girls  rather the boys dresses are also included .in this fashion Pakistan week  the south designer  has designed the western style dresses for those people who like to go with the  western  inspired dresses like crop top with skinny.

In the dresses different styles are introduced by the  designers  which remain inn  among the customers  because many fans like to carry the branded dresses  which are designed by the designers so here I have some beautiful dresses of tony and guy which is shown in the FPW17.

Skirt with top:

1. Tony N Guy South Pakistan at #FPW17

Black color is liked by everyone because it is moderate and elegant shade means not in dark and not too light so the black can carry at any event black top spaghetti strap with maroon shaded printed mini skirt is looking nice it is the western style but the jacket on your dress sleeveless in white color is also good combination with dress sneakers and the joggers look nice so apply the maroon and orange nail paint with your skirt it is looking so colorful in the spring season.

Formal dress in western style:

2. Tony N Guy South Pakistan at #FPW17

In the spring many night parties are arranged in which the shimmery and glittered dresses are carried because that is so lighted and shiny party  so the dress is made to inspire by the  western but the south touch is also in the dress  full fitted light brown color shirt in the jarsi stuff  key hole neckline and the cross style on the shirt with the  fitted short skirt in the pink color  all is full shimmered with the glittered carry high heel nude sandal with this dress.

Boys dress by tony:

3. Tony N Guy South Pakistan at #FPW17

The designer’s name tony and guy is perhaps used for designing the dresses of the male and female both  so the dress is in the south style fully ripped jeans  and the  white color basic shirt the hole design in the center of the shirt is looking nice  carry the loafer shoes in which color do you want  because these shoes are very trendy now a days.

In the dresses  of boys another dress is also in white  the dress is made according the  spring season leaves and flowers are printed on the dress  full sleeves that are fully printed  with mustard shaded crop pent  and red sneakers that is matched with your shirt  because in spring you  want to look colorful so the boys who want to look something funky  they also wear this dress.

One piece short dress:

4. Tony N Guy South Pakistan at #FPW17

In the dresses many styles are carried by the girls  in the brown and skin color full fitted sleeves  dress in the  intricate pattern  but the earthy and nature tone is much  present in the dress with this dress carry the wedge heel strappy sandal  in the shimmered way  with the short hair for the young girls this style is decent  for the day time beach party they can put on with the jewelry and the sunglasses.

Shimmered fabric with floral:

5. Tony N Guy South Pakistan at #FPW17

In the fashion week the spring dresses are included with great way that you can carry it in the summer parties also because these dresses are very light and beautiful blue and green shaded floral boat neckline half sleeves crop top is looking gorgeous with the loose shimmered fabric skirt and the matching wedge heel sandal with this dress you can also wear the cage style footwear  with light make up because you look too much over if you do dark make up because dress is fully shiny.

Black and white simple dress:

6. Tony N Guy South Pakistan at #FPW17

In the dressers many new designs are introduced by the designers according to the trend black and white both shaded are very elegant and in the previous ages the southern people too much adopt the black and white dresses so the full fitted black crop top with the white pleated skirt is looking gorgeous carry it with the pointed high heel pumps and the strappy wedges it is giving you cat like look.
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