Dolce and Gabbana have their name in the designing of beautiful dresses. Not only they have got name for female dresses and for children costumes but for men they have also designed stylish clothes to wear. Their new collection for this year have proved their talent for designing stylish outfits for men and we can well assume their love for nature especially for animal as most of the outfits are designed taking inspiration from animals.

Animal imagery printed on dresses is making the whole collection an amazing and interesting thing to behold and boys or men will love to wear these clothes to have style-statement look. In winter dresses with wild animal imagery on dark colors look awe-inspiring and this way of dressing will not fail to impress contemporaries. Let us take a look what Dolce and Gabbana has put forth for men and boys to make them look dashing and dazzling with spectacular look wearing outfits designed by them:

Animal inspired dresses for men:

1. Dolce & Gabbana Winter Collection 2017 for men (2)

If you are also a lover of animals then must opt for these dresses that are designed amazingly with the theme of animal imagery. Three piece dress with animal- imagery all over it having bow style is looking very sophisticated. Colors are looking very beautiful making the man a decent and well-mannered person. The imagery of dog on shirt with pant is making the tone of the whole outfit and the dress is looking very nice with hiking shoes and cap. If not on shirt then animal imagery on pant is also looking very edgy and classy and with animal printed pants the shirt is simple with some alphabets showing the name of brand. This T-shirt with pant will give a very cool look wearing sneakers with this.

Dresses for men with the imagery of monarchs:

2. Dolce & Gabbana Winter Collection 2017 for men (16)

Dresses with king and queen imagery are looking a different and unique style to maker dresses interesting and eye-catching. Making kings on pants while giving it the look of monarch style is making the dresses really branded and these images are increasing the worth of the dresses. Do not be treat that these may give you dramatic look but young boys will look very brave, active and confident in these outfits. With a white color collared shirt black color pants high above the ankles and décor with buttons of large size are looking very stylish while navy blue color sweater over this having queen inspired print on it will make the outfit worth praising. This style of dressing will make boys look cool and confident.

Jackets and coats:

3. Dolce & Gabbana Winter Collection 2017 for men (30)

Tiger inspired jacket is looking very amazing and enthralling. Have an outclass look with this way of dressing wearing T-shirt with denim is looking very classy. Fur jacket in grey color will also remind bear and these jackets with denim with T-shirt will give a very young look to boys making them look like hero with buzz cut style. Trench coat is also looking lovable with imagery at both sides inspired by animals. Wearing trousers you can pair this long coat while it is time to go outside in cold night winter.

Night gowns:

4. Dolce & Gabbana Winter Collection 2017 for men (3)

Dolce and Gabbana has so much provided in their collection that will not let you go anywhere else. From casual to formal and from to informal for every occasion you will find dresses to wear. Jackets, upper and coats with stylish look are available here. Silk fabricated gowns are also there in the collection and they are looking very elegant like all other dresses. Make your w inter classy and stylish with the collection of these dresses in your closet.