Zeen is not well known brand of the world the people are not recognized  this brand  in exact way  but the designs and the color combination is very good which make other their fans choose the good and elegant dresses for you that can give you a new look .there are many well known and big  brands are introducing their new collection because the summer season is going towards it ends and the short and mostly favorite season is coming the ladies who always  remain  in the  new and trendy want to carry the dresses before all  the other ladies   they start searching on the different places  for the new collection in the seasonal dresses .

in the collection of zeen  vintage frames, architectural touch and the intricate motif pattern is used .the selection of the  dresses color is not too much dark it look so elegant the précis and the most beautiful pearl embroidery is used on the shirts.  .if you want to go with our collection then stay with us and see the different collection of the Zeen collection.

Purple color with white:


 Light purple color dress with the floral neckline and the border is made with the intricate creative motives in colorful pattern short shirt with the Celtic motifs and the border is designed with the dark color and you can carry it with your Capri and the boot cut trouser and the purple color crape dupatta is nice choice with your light jewelry  you can carry the high heel sandal with this dress  this is very beautiful and elegant dress.

Blue with white:


Blue color is the very cool and give you  a decent look because in this color you look very  educated and reserve person  short  light  embroided shirt with the    floral Hungarian on the  white shirt and the sleeves are  decorated with chevron print and the two layers of beads on the neckline and  in the front of sleeves  and the tulip  Shalwar  is famous among the girls  Ombre style sleeves are looking nice with the long dupatta of heavy printed  you can carry high heel sandal and the  pumps both it is up to your choice.

Orange with blue contrasted:


Some ladies like to carry dark colors  but it should be in the something light tones  so the peachy orange is decent choice the peachy orange with the  navy blue color is  gorgeous you can carry it at any get together  party or outgoing places floral design on the neckline and the  border is just looking like vintage frame  with this short kurtas you can carry the  Capri in  blue color it is  good with the nude high heel sandal and pumps.

Yellow color in trend:


 In the collection of  pima cambric  you can see the  touches of every color  because every colors are  beautiful and  exclusive  so  the yellow color is also very trendy color now a days  kurta style shirt with the  Celtic print on the whole shirt  the short floral style is on the whole shirt and sleeves  with the floral dupatta and the Capri you can make the trouser also it is up to  your choice with the yellow  color dresses you can carry the  brown color high heel pointed pumps.

Romanic rosy red color:


Red color is the evergreen color in the green it gives the feeling of colors  are alive in the summer and in winter it gives you feeling of freshness and the romanticism  on the neckline the machinelike pattern embroidery is  done by the designer  sky blue with the royal blue and navy blue  three colors combinations are good  with it you can carry the floral  printed Capri the blue color crinkle dupatta is fabulous with the tussles and the hanging locks with the cage style sandal and the high heel sandal is good.