What a saree can do nothing any outfit in the world can do that. Saree really accentuate feminism of women and make women prominent in the presence of thousands of people. This outfit is very common in India where every style and design of saree is followed in various fabrics. Bollywood heroines in this regard have contributed a lot and in order to look like them other women also love to wear saree in different occasions. Women of every age even young girls prefer to wear saree on different occasions.

In some parts of the world saree is a casual dress of women. In the most desired fabrics banarsi saree is also look lovely on girls and women of every age. Banarsi saree finds its roots in the cultural history of India at the time of Mughals. At that time it was made using gold and silver threads in a city named Banaras. The trend of bnarsi saree is still going in these days as it will never come to an end. The most significant features of this saree are brocades, zari work, silk fabric and magnificent embroidery. Women on different occasion can wear these Sarees to have an elegant and sophisticated look.

White silk saree with maroon boarder;


Woman in white silk saree is looking marvelous and full of charm. White bnarsi saree is woven of very beautiful silk fabric with brocade on its boarder. Jamdani saree style is in white and maroon color contrast with floral designing all over the saree is looking very nice outfit to wear on special occasion. For further embellishment you can wear a silver necklace and earrings to give complement the dress. A high heel sandal can add further charm to your demeanor.

White handloom kora silk saree;


This white kora silk saree is looking fabulous with the contrast of orange patches on its corner. Orange color blouse can make your dress look more beautiful and attractive. Its beautifully designed georgette fabric is making it a worth-buying dress. Young girls can wear this saree in wedding function and they will look heavenly beautiful.

Pure silk bnarsi saree;


Pure silk saree is looking graceful with the combination of light color boarder and corner. If its colors are light it does not mean it will make you less prominent among others, it will give you very calm and serene look. Teenagers who also get inspired by this trend can wear this saree in weddings for its decent look. This saree is very appropriate even for young girls to wear on casual occasions. Sleeveless blouse paired with saree is making it very stylish and attractive.

White saree with zari work;


This off-white bnarsi silk saree with butidar zari work on it is exuding lush tone to its surrounding. Women can wear this dress on family functions and also on casual occasions. The dresses themselves are so elegant that you will need no other accessories to adorn you. But you can wear light golden jewelry set to complement your whole attire. Full sleeve blouse is looking very graceful. In the picture shown here girl wearing this gorgeous saree has selected a large rounded ring and big gold earrings and with these accessories she is giving regal look.

White saree with colored blouse;


Banarsi saree is made by gold and silver thread and embroidery on it with zari work make the outfit heavy to carry but gives royal look to its possessor. White color saree can be paired with different colored blouse to make look more attractive or to bring versatility in your look. You can wear very light eye make-up and light color glozes to complement the white color of the saree.