About Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce stands for Domenico Dolce and Gabbana for Stefano Gabbana these are well-known from D&G logo in the fashion world. D&G is an Italian luxury fashion brand that founded in 1985 by the duo fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana. They have created mind and much interest in art and designing from their childhood.

Dolce met first time with Gabbana when he is doing work as an assistant to a designer named Giorgio Correggiari. He was much impressed with Gabbana outgoing personality, good-looking and his fond about art.  Gradually, they become close friends and started live together in one room and drawn sketches on fabrics in their apartment and showcased first time their collection in 1985.

After this huge success and appreciated, they worked hard and got a popular name in the fashion world. Now, D&G is most distinguished and celebrated exotic fashion brand that displayed numerous products like clothing, foot wear, handbags, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics.

Winter kids collection by D&G

Dolce and Gabbana design season to season each gender collection. Today, I am going to share just kids’ winter assortment that is consists on embossed leather jacket, knitted sweaters, caps, neck mufflers, leather jackets, wool coats, warm tights, fur dresses, trousers, jeans and some others. I think, if I say that all types of kids winter wear accessories are added in added in this collection then it will be absolutely right. Let see below and enjoy D&G latest and fascinated kids’ winter collection.

Kids boy’s winter dresses

1 D&G winter collection kids (1)

In this picture, you are seeing two cute and good-looking boys that are wearer chic and fascinated warm winter dresses. Have an intensely look their dresses colors scheme with matching accessories. Younger boy that is wearer cowl neckline hero printed inner shirt and without sleeves embossed leather jacket as an upper. Grey laces style shoes with grey wool trouser looks fabulous and giving modernist look while other side boy wears green shades winter outfit with matching shade shoes that exudes captivated glamorous gaze.

Knitted wool outfits for children

2 D&G winter collection kids (3)

Look at this image, where boys are wearer knitted sweaters, wool jackets and leather jacket with neck chic muffler, knitted caps and gloves. In the winter season, wool knitted dresses is most useful for children that keep them warm. But we should select elegant and stylish attires for children that keep them joyful and happy.

 D&G girls fall winter outfits

3 D&G winter collection kids (2)

D&G always launched stylish innovated glamorous outfits for children that they wear happily. Here, you can see a group photo of little girls that are wear warm dresses with winter accessories. Wool leggie with flare bottom top, crochet tights with outstanding coat and printed inner fur trouser with wool coat are chic and necessary outfits in winter season.

 Floral printed jacket with tights

4 D&G winter collection kids (14)

D&G are most illustrious in the fashion world from their exotic dazzling crafted prints. This plum floral printed shirt is made with rich and elegant fabric and designed with trendy jacket style. Grey tight is dazzling pair of this elegant printed attire.

Here, you are seeing alluring and gorgeous kids’ winter outfits that are design by Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana. Further more impressive and fabulous dresses you can also see in the gallery images.