Sapphire new collection for fall 2016 has been launched and it’s amazing to see this collection. The collection finds its roots from renaissance period and the different hues and silhouettes are inspired from that age. Season of fall do not remains for a long time yet women like to spend this season too with great enthusiasm and what else could be the better way than this to show your excitement than your dressing. Therefore women want to enjoy every season buying new clothes according the season. Sapphire cambric has presented very beautiful fall collection that women would love to buy them and have them in their possession.

Peaceful and soothing hues;


Different beautiful hues are found in the collection. Different colors like cream, blue, yellow, black and pink are available in different shades. All colors are looking extremely soothing and giving a very aesthetic effect. Colors are found in contrast of different colors. In the given picture the contrast of white and coral peach color is looking very nice and lovely. The trouser is of white color and the color of shirt is coral peach. Then the dupatta with color combination of the colors of shalwar and shirt is looking very elegant.

Stitching pattern of the dresses;


Dresses are available in three pieces and two pieces also. There stitching pattern is making them unique and different. Short shirts high above the knees are available in full sleeves, flowy or loose sleeves and some shirts can be seen sleeveless. Some shirts are in cape style and that is looking stunning. Off-shoulder dresses are also looking very modish and stunning. Some shirts can be seen having a ribbon around the waist that is looking very innovative. Boot-cut trousers, simple trousers and Capri are giving very good complement to the shirts.

Designing technique;


The most striking feature in the collection is its designing pattern on the dresses. Some dresses are embroiled on the neckline while some are available in printed form. If we look at the picture given, then we can observe how beautifully it is designed. White color lace on the cough of the sleeves and v-style front neck is enhancing the grace of the printed sky-blue color shirt. Net on the cough of the Capri is making the whole dress very graceful. The outfit is looking very modish and stylish.

Truly renaissance inspired dresses;


As the designer himself has claimed that the thought for designing the costumes is taken from renaissance age. Some dresses have a small touch but some are depicting its inspiration from old times in true sense. We can see the renaissance inspired dress here that is looking both traditional and contemporary. A short frock in off-white color is embellished with tassels and looking very nice. Orchid color thread work is done on the neckline and cough of the sleeves. Sleeves are in flowy form giving the flash light of the renaissance period. With this frock orchid colored dupatta is looking very lovely and classy having embroiled boarder.

Costumes for casual occasion;


Either it is a formal or informal function, women craved for looking graceful in her appearance. These outfits are perfect for going to meet someone. The designing pattern and stitching technique are making the collection incredible. Pair high heel sandals with Capri and trousers will look very nice. Furthermore the fabric is real and genuine and women would feel comfy wearing these dresses. In the picture a girl is wearing loose short shirt embellished with pearls on neckline and coupled with choori-dar pajama and dupatta is looking very elegant. Her wedges are complementing her dress very perfectly. These dresses are very good option for working ladies who all time remain confuse what to wear next day in their institutions.