A fashionista must know the struggle to find out the going trend in the realm of fashion and it is not an easy thing to make your appearance according the trend. To know about the fashion sense you guys must look at the celebs how they dress up themselves and taking inspiration from them you can make your look style-statement. Not only to look trendy but it is important to dress up nicely for people judge you through your dressing sense. Now days men are equally conscious about dressing as women and they eagerly want o know about the upcoming trend.

To have a gentle men look what else could be better than four piece suit for men. It can change the entire look and make you a respectable and sensible man. When it is time to go for meeting or to attend the marriage ceremony of a close one must opt for four piece suit to look incredible. Different styles in four piece suit are given here.

Four button vest with collared shirt;

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This gentleman look will please its beholder and you must have seen business men dressed in this kind of dressing. White color shirt with black color trousers, vest and coat will give a guy dashing look that will make his personality praise-worthy. A forma look you will enjoy in this suit. With your right suit must combine right color of the tie. You can have this formal suit in wedding occasions too. Leave the last button of the vest open and tie should be tucked in the trousers.

Lower cut V-shape vest in white color suit;

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Don this white color suit in a bachelor party function and you will shown an immense confidence in this lower cut vest and coat with a symmetric buttons. The whole white color of the suit will make you stand out in the crowd. A very dazzling personality you will have in this suit. A party function in which the theme is of white color you can go with this color of suit. The bow style suit gives you a well-mannered gentleman look so must consider this style to make your personality trend setter for others.

Vintage look in four piece suit;

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In a wedding function in vest go for this vintage look and have a magnificent personality. The square shape bottom of the vest with waist coat will give you breathtaking look in grey color. One button coat with one pocket at the side will give you an outstanding look. Navy blue color tie in polka dotted style is looking perfect with the suit. Consider this suit in vintage inspired parties or if it is the function of your anniversary. The length of the vest must cover the waist so as to avoid of being looking absurd.

Grey and white colors combine in four piece suit;

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In this year must try this combination of grey and white color in four piece suit. With four piece suit lining pant is a trendy thing to do this year. This peak lapel suit will make your look awesome and magnificent. White color tie with white shirt is looking awe-inspiring. White hanky in pocket with grey color outfit will make you outclass in your fabulous way of dressing.

Silk fabricated four piece suit;

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To have a regal look consider this silk fabricated four piece suit in navy blue color. Asymmetric button of the vest with the coat will give you a fresh look. White cough of the shirt visible from the coat is an essential thing to do. Double knotted tie is going to be a trend this year. To look dashing and striking must try these four piece suits to look elegant and classy.