Street style is the most popular among young people including both girls and boys and it is the style of streets because it has not emerged from the studios but came from the grass roots and generally associated with youth culture and most often seen in major urban centers. French style is all about the attitude and the main difference between French girls and American girls is that the French girls pass a lot of time pretending like they are not paying attention, while they are doing just that and It’s more a question of attitude.

French women like to wear black and grey and you can choose other bright colors too but it is better to stick to those shades that make you confident. If you want to adopt the French street style fashion then forget about the sparkling and shiny clothes and high heels. You should go for fitted pants, comfy and functional separates.

The girl in the picture wearing skin tight grey jeans with black top and a long grey coat and carrying a black leather bag is looking nice. Style is a casual way of putting something on and it is not thought out but needs to suit your way of life as a women wearing a mini dotted leather skirt with plain black shirt and carrying a long coat in her hand is the example of street style fashion.

French style is more the way you mix the clothes and how you move how you cross your legs and how you open your bag just little things that make a difference a girl wore army coat on the black jeans and army boots. French women don’t wash their hair as much as the girls of other countries and they don’t wear much makeup and everything is very discreet except for nonchalant touches say a bag or a pair of shoes.

Beige coat is must have style for wearing with white short frock and long black boots. Simplicity is the key go for black v neck shirt with blue jeans and pointed toe pumps. Camel beige outfit is best for those ladies who want something unique and individual go for a fancy short blouse and black coat and black shoes.

You should keep one necessary thing in mind that layering is the key for Persian women so you should accessorize your dress by adding a cool scarf wrapping around your neck and go for easy garment and shoes.

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