0. Manish Malhotra Collection at Lakme Fashion Week SR 2016


Finally the wait is over and the hero of fashion industry Manish Malhotra has opened the way towards his spring summer couture ‘ELEMENTS’ in Lakme Fashion Week that has been artistically designed for the Indian fashion ladies to groove the style mixing traditional and modern both panels to create the charm subtly for brides or for mod girls.
Asking to creative designer which fabric he has considered best for the spring summer brides, he said that there is lots of organza and use of silk, raw silk and crepe that will justify the style of a fashion lady astoundingly, although the designer was inspired this time from the four powers of nature that are; Earth, Wind, Air and fire. The collection has the total flash of inspiration from the nature cascading the inimitable hues that have fun for the 21st century bride and the better way to muse her style wondrously.
Yet the assortment is ranking quite different from other collection that has true juxtaposition of creative silhouettes with assigning the modern styles to dresses but the base is definitely conventional and legend with the decor art of nature.

The breath taking glances of superb showstoppers Jacqueline and Arjun:

1+ Manish Malhotra Collection at Lakme Fashion Week SR 2016 (1)

When asking to Manish that which showstopper you consider the best for your show, he answered that everyone has their own charm and beauty and surely whosoever will get the chance, definitely dazzle his show. And just look at the glorified dresses that the showstoppers Jacqueline Fernandez and Arjun Kapoor wore for opening the grand show for Manish Malhotra. Jacqueline wore the pastel pink glamorous long trail gown with the net long cape over it and when the both Manish and Arjun hold her cape behind just like giving her noble space like a princess, it stole everyone’s heart musingly. While the Arjun kept the attention wearing midnight blue kurta with a glossy coat but the thing that has given his style an exquisite look, is the dupatta or Patka carrying in the true traditional position.

Style patterns of couture for this spring summer:

By the time the designers feel to give a plunge considering the whole spectrum for the fashion world and that’s the absolute time, Manish consider literally to present through his collection. Jackets, jumpsuits, long trail gowns, Flowy skirts, tops, capes and much more have been designed excitingly to narrate the tree of life. The collection is the world of pastel shades but you will get attracted to the midnight blue shaded dresses that can be dramatic for your legend appearance. It’s all for the brides, it’s all for the Indian ladies and its all to just realize the passionate ladies to take steps towards the perfect lining and perfect reflection of your dream auras.

Fantastic Flash of floral inspiration:

You will see all floral décor on dresses but with using different techniques, the Manish platform is to deal with the silhouettes that is just right to give strength and absolute confident to Indian ladies. Carry the all floral inspiration fantastically which is definite symbolism for nature and for spring summer season it becomes important to get the seasonal hues correctly.