“We don’t believe in fashion for trends any more. We want to show emotion. Just enjoy!”
Exclaiming by Gabbana when introducing their most appealing spring collection which is definitely their work of art depicting the inspiring tourists caliper of coming to Rome and enjoy the all fashion which sometimes the people lived in there don’t care about, but miraculously Dolce & Gabbana has kept their eye on the classic past looks of tourists who come and collect the joys spread there. Everyone interested in taking pictures of models but their models was taking selfies with the cool postures so it’s a rise to social networking too.
The ultimate specialty of Dolce & Gabbana is that they merge the colors ethereally and truly show the essence of codes as in this collection you would love all color pallets, accessories and embellishments. Crocheted raffia bags, lemon and orange shape earrings, multi hued footwear and the exploration of multi color pom-pom are giving the new dimension to accessories. Sundresses, Italian traditional style, tunics with trumpet sleeves, hourglass and Riviera style is the much more to define this collection titled as: “Italia is Love”
Every dress is just the right picture of the love of tourists, dresses are gorgeous but firstly you would notice the awesome setting of show with fruit stalls from where every model is coming and entertaining her style rightly. All of all is grabbing the every lady addicted to fashion but with a new way and the Dolce Gabbana work is surely guaranteed one in which everything is new but always describing and exploring the accurate soul of colors and hues. The survey tells about, the collection before brought on ramp took many days for just preparing the accessories because fully embellished and decorated things definitely take time. Just look at the every piece of sunglasses, in a funky way but decorated beautifully that is enhancing the charm worthily. Every single purse and buckets took one day of décor and looking for response we have come to know that this collection is the most grabbed and liked one, won the hearts not only of the people there but all the mod ladies. The elaborated embroideries crafted gorgeously are much more that must be defined, so let’s come to have a look at the grand collection by Dolce& Gabbana.

Italia is love:

1. Dolce & Gabbana spring 2016 couture

This picture with great impressions is commemorating the 50’s and 60’s inspired fashion of tourists in Italy and just look at the dress with famous things in Italy. Pom-pom embellished beautiful bag, head scarf and elaborative sandals is the perfect blend of trendy but narrative things. Not only the dresses and other accessories but the mobile too has tints of colors with interesting embellishments.

True essence of multi-hued dress:

2. Dolce & Gabbana spring 2016 couture

The model is showcasing the love of Dolce& Gabbana for multi color shades that are lively and creating fresh impressions. Love that head accessory matched with the dress and also a ready-made decorated bucket. All things with dresses are handcrafted using the stones, embroidery and other motifs.

Sheer panels of dresses:

3. Dolce & Gabbana spring 2016 couture

Printed sheer dress with fresh colors is amazing to wear in summer season but the lemon earring and head crown has made the dress more inspiring. All is ok even the makeover too using fresh shades and eyeliner.

To see the enchant of entire collection go forward to gallery for overview of images delightfully.