What Does Bulk Items Means?

0The word bulk means the greater part of something or the major fraction of something. Anything that exists in large quantity is called bulk. When we use this term for home I mean home bulk then it can be divided into different categories. For example one is food bulk. Mostly, a family tries to add lots of food items into the pantry or kitchen so that they can get the required item easily. They bring food bulk at home for avoiding so many visits to food market. Some people buy weekly bulk of food, some follow monthly period & in rare cases when people thinks that there may be chances of inflation or seasonal changes that can increase the food item prices or a war fear then they like to buy a great bulk of food item. All this is called food bulk. Similarly, in home, you can find extra clothes such as wearing clothes, bed covers, curtains, covers etc this is called cloth bulk. Another type is footwear bulk & similarly some ladies like to collect different types of machinery, home appliances or kitchen appliances all this is called machinery bulk. Similarly the clutter of anything is called bulk.

Storage Places for Bulk Items:

When there are lots of things in the home then you need different places to store these things. Am I right? Yes, I am. Well, if you will visit your entire home then believe me you will be amazed once again because during this visit you can find lots of storage places for bulk items such as you can store bulk items under stairs because beneath the stairs you can find a very big place. You can make cabinets beneath stairs, you can make big drawers, you can try shelves idea etc. Similarly, you can make cabinets or shelves on the walls. You can use empty crates for storing bulk items.

You can utilize the space that is available under the bed. You can keep bulk items into the boxes or crates then keep these baskets under the bed. Now day’s beds are available with storage. You can use these functional beds.

1 storage places for bulk behind doors

You can create DIY storage places such as you can make shelves by using wooden plaques; you can create cabinets with by attaching crates with wall. You can create storage behind or at the back of the doors of cupboard or cabinets. Use empty jars or containers for filling imperishable food items.


You can also buy three or four shelves based stand then fill these shelves  by keeping you bulk items in an organized way on these shelves. You can keep bulk item in boxes. Label these boxes & then keep these boxes on the shelves of these stands. Be wise think about creative storage places.


Try to store the extra dish washers, sink washer & other cleaning products under sink area. Here you need to add a long metal bar. Now hang all products on this bar (as shown into the above picture). Here you can also add bulk items filled baskets. Try to add magnetic on the back of doors of cupboards for storing extra metal knives, spoons etc.

How to Organize Bulk Items in Storage Room?


If there is a separate storage room in your home then it’s really very good for you because you can organize all your bulk items in this storage room. In the left side of the room you can organize the clothes & footwear bulk while on the right size you can store the food bulk. If you like then you can buy almost 5 to 6 stands. Each stand should be consists of 5 to 6 shelves. Set these stands along with walls. If you like then you can keep one or two stands into the center of storage room. Actually I am trying to giving you the idea of the creation of a storage place that look like a grocery store where you can move easily & find the right item easily that you need. On each shelf of the stand you can keep boxes filled with one type of items. Add labels on the front of these boxes so that you can find easily. The clothes that need to be fold up, you can fold these & that needs hangers you can hang these into hangers. You can use one complete stand with shelves for food items, other for clothes, other for footwear, next for machinery, next for tools, next for emergency products & so on.  In this way you storage room even in the existence of different types of bulk item will look organized, systematic & ordered. You can use stand with wheels or without wheels. The stands with wheels are easy to portable from one place to another without touching the items that are placed on its shelves. If you cannot afford these readymade stands then you can create multiple shelves around the four walls of one storage room.