Ideas to decorate the table in the wedding ceremony

0. Sweetheart Table decoration Ideas for wedding

Wedding ceremony  is such a day when  two person’s life is near to be changed  not only the two person rather two families are connected In a lovely relationship  .On  the day of wedding you can  celebrate your  happiness with full enthuascism   wedding name is merry  because not only groom and bride rather  all the coming guest are happy because  two person are connected in a good  relationship for ever. In the wedding ceremony  the first thing is your decoration because when people come they first see the  decoration that in which style you have décor the  wedding place  and if the decoration is good then all people will remember it  .it is not compulsory that wedding gardens, hall and  lawn are decorated by some companies and these  persons who organized the  function decoration because it is not much   difficult with a little struggle and  help  you will be able to  décor a good  wedding hall and collect the appreciation from all the coming guest. Here I have some table decoration things which are good to your wedding table because tables are main thing in the wedding because when people sit in the hall then the table should be decorated where the bride and groom sit. Not only should the bride and groom table rather the whole hall be decorated.

0+ Sweetheart Table decoration Ideas for wedding

Decoration for wedding tables:

1. Sweetheart Table decoration Ideas for wedding

White and yellow color vase with the golden and steel   stand is looking gorgeous you can keep it in the center of your table with the white decoration.  Under the table of the bride and groom you can lit the lights  and  decorate it with the leaves  when you will keep cake in center then it look very elegant  with the lights .Very easy   thing empty bottles are must  available at your home then  paint these   bottle glass  in glittering golden color and keep it in the center of the table with the  flower basket and colorful flowers  you can put  pink ,purple, light green leaves and  Lilly flowers to decorate it .You  can add the blue and  white color flower to enhance the beauty of  your table. In  the wedding  ceremony you can decorate your  wedding tables in  the vintage  style  then you can use colorful  flowers with the candle this  flowers  can be  put around the stand of the candle and it is up to you that  in which  way you  put flowers. Simple small glasses which are useless you can put these glasses on the table with the wax and candles  if you have arranged the wedding  party in your home then you can keep the candles in the stairs  and on the table  with beautiful flowers and at the place of  candles you can keep  flowers  pot . Take  3 to 4 glasses and keep it  turn off  and in the center of the glasses keep your favorite flowers like rose,tulip,sunflower etc   you can keep flowers matching with the bridal dress and keep beautiful candles on it at the place of candle you can put the   small lights  decorated with  beads and stones. Now a day purple color is so much common so take a big vase of glass and keep all the shaded in purple put in this big vase with the red and white color   combination.  In the lawn function it looks so cool and all the theme of your party is based on the purple color. Large size candle stand are very popular among the wedding ceremonies you can keep the purple flower and add the glitter to the fabulous looking and then by height keep it in the center of your table and collect praises. White color is very decent and elegant but very sophisticated people go with white color but we can match it with the bride dress because it create a good theme in your wedding ceremony  then you can keep handmade white color flowers with the real white flowers  and  make a garland of white flowers and keep it on all the guest chair and red flower keep on the bride and groom chair and make your wedding ceremony remarkable.

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Point to be noted: 

Decoration is  very important for the wedding so if you are making a stage in your wedding then you can use flowers, candles and  lights to make it  impressive .Decor your table with the glittering thing if you like colorful and fancy things  otherwise flowers and  candles are best to  decorate the wedding  table decoration.