Wall art without paint:

Are you thinking for exclusive wall decoration for your home decoration but you have fed up from old paint designs and colors? Then definitely there must be something extraordinary idea in your idea. Sometime people are fed up from painting ideas and sometimes they can’t afford the painting charges to beautify their homes. Wall art is essential for decoration of every building but if you are not interested in painting ideas then stay with us.

We have something special and fabulous ideas for alluring wall decoration. These magnificent ideas are stay from little touch of paints and excellently creating perfect grace of fine wall art. These wall art ideas are inspired from different sources and by sing easily adorable accessories; fantastic wall ar6 ideas are bedecked. These wall art ideas which we are presenting are perfectly amazing and highly appreciating. I am sure that these ideas will greatly inspire you to create immaculate grace of fetching room. Let’s discuss fascinating expressions, classy embellishing touches and materials of these wall art ideas which are greatly excellent in their practice and its stylish expressions.

 Tape paper streamers:

1 wall art ideas without paint

Use colorful tap paper steamers to enhance the beauty of walls. It is superbly perfect idea to create a fancy or celebrating charm in your room. Streamers are also best for decoration of celebrating events, use tap paper streamers t enhance the beauty of wall causally.


2 wall art ideas without paint (1)

If you are not interested in wall printing then to produce fine fan grace, curtains are superbly awesome option. Beautify walls with different curtain designing to meet with classy grace of well décor place.

Fabric sheet:

3 wall art ideas without paint (2)

One of most exciting and close to wall paper wall art idea is use fabric sheet. It allows you to enjoy different colorful printed designs at your walls. It will be much more exiting from painting ideas and produce very energetic and lively expressions.

Fake flower streamers:

4 wall art ideas without paint (3)

From fake flowers, produce some streamers according to the length of your walls and attach them along with wall. It will produce very amazing expressions. Those who love floral print patterns, this idas will be excellent to produce desired decoration in their rooms.

Temporary wallpapers:

5 wall art ideas without paint (4)

You can produce contemporary fine expression of excellent wall art through temporary wallpapers. Different print patterns and splendid hues are offered in fetching wall papers. Select an inspiring wall pair according to the thematic concern of your room and enjoy excellent elegance.

Sequin for wall decoration:

6 wall art ideas without paint (5)

If you are interested in formal wall arty then purchase some sequins from market and exclusively produce a fine wall art through them. This idea will provide you perfect guideline to attain an excellent expression of fancy wall art.

Polka dot wall art:

7 wall art ideas without paint (6)

To define the cute magnificence of printed wall art, polka dot designing is superbly matchless. This DIY idea will be excellently awesome and you will find desired expression of alluring wall art without paint designing.

Hoop wall art:

8 wall art ideas without paint (7)

You can embellish walls through different crafty and creative accessories. If you are art lover then there must lots of ideas in your mind to beautify wall through your own way. Take some embroidered hoop hanging to boost up artistic vision in your home decoration.