The room is only the name of four walls and ceiling but it’s the décor that further create lively expressions to any room by adding different interior and decorations. Well bedroom is the place where you go to sleep at the end of the day but it doesn’t mean just the sleep matters, you sit, have rest, do your work and even have other activities so when you have to spend much time in bedroom that must be defined with the awesome décor so that it may get you fresh. Modern bedroom decorations have charm of minimalist hues attaining the sophisticate interior décor.
Styling any décor choose the paint color first, consider the color significance and if you wanna just concentrate on the sound sleep then have blue silhouettes that are calming and gives soothing effects on the mind of a person. Brighter shades are also recommendable that make your bedroom refreshing and energetic. Nowadays the green accents are very trendy in the contemporary bedroom styling and I wanna mention some other colors too that will make the room more wondrous such as grey, ivory, brown, apple green, seas green, lilac, navy blue and yellow. Well these are just the suggestion next is up to the size and demand of your room according to which the color would be selected.
Wall decors also a task to make the room fantastic, always add some work of art to walls like wall stickers or decals, painting or the frames that may reflect the sense of genuine choice. But keep in mind that bedroom is not the place to add everything, just pick up the silhouettes which are modern and give extravagant effects. Chandeliers and wall small bulbs or chandeliers in unique designs also a must-have need of contemporary bedrooms.
Furniture is the main thing that fills the bedroom with enough space and now days not the heavy interior is true need but the modest that looks cool. Approach the less furniture and keep the most space free to walk. Look for the interior that is best according to the size of your bedroom and for this purpose you can contact the interior stylist who will suggest well. Consider the design of furniture more because furniture makes the room stand out. Change the bedding according to the seasonal demands such as floral design bed sheets and colorful cushions for spring and summer. If your room has a description of curtains then try to have cool and chic curtains design. Basically there are main six features of bedroom that you may pick up to style your modern bedroom designing and these are;
•    Contemporary
•    Glam
•    Feminine touch
•    Dark features
•    Brightness/colors
•    Minimalist
These were the simply basic suggestions for designing a modern bedroom but some other things that are just more than wow to add in the room but these entire bedrooms demand big amount to transform at all, just create the glam accents and go well.

•    Wood work on walls
•    Carpet/ marble floor/ wood floor
•    Mirror
•    Modern design vase with flowers
•    Unique lamp décor
•    Ceiling lights
•    Rug

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