a rug is simply a patch over a certain perimeter. It can be spread under a particular piece of furniture, as opposed to a carpet, which may cover the entire floor.

Current presentation:

our current presentation introduced you toward eastern Italian floor rugs. You will also notice the fine beauty of these rugs.

Deep blue floor rug with golden flower printing design:

1 italian Eastern Floor Rugs collection (24)

As you can notice this is a beautiful example of floor rug. This floor rug is made by choosing blue color to fill in base and golden flower printing is done on the blue base and on corners of the rug.

 Square shaped floor rug with blue small squares:

2 italian Eastern Floor Rugs collection (18)

This is a brown square shaped floor rug. As you can notice its designing is done by making many more small squares with blue borderlines in it giving the rug an artistic and good view.

Bright red Hassocks design:

3 italian Eastern Floor Rugs collection (23)
People often searches for hassocks or also called prayer rugs so here is one of them in bright red color. Hassocks are often used by Muslims all over the world to offer prayer on.