House is such  a place where we spend most of our time if you are a  house wife then you  spend your whole time in the home   and you always think about the stylish ideas for your house that make your home  modern and stylish if you are something creative then you make different things for decorating your house  but if you have not much expert in  designing then you purchase different things to décor your  home  but must do anything for your home  so here I want to  tell you money plant which is very famous and good for your houses  it is not much  expensive and  the shape of money plants  are very good Everybody knows that plant are very healthier and useful for our health  and plants are best source of oxygen .There are two benefits of plants firstly your home decorates and secondly  you feel fresh and alive in the atmosphere of plant in summer these plant give you a effect of coldness it is not confirm that  money plant is used for the money that when you grow a money plant in your home  then it will  bring much money at your home and you will financial good but it is true that money plant is good for your health. Here I have different ideas to decorate your house with money plants.

Decoration ideas with money plants:

You can decorate your walls with money plant and leave it independent because how much it   grow your wall beauty will increase you can grow a full vine on the wall of your room it can be grow on the wall of your guest room it is very good in color and when very much guest in the guest room then these flowers provide oxygen. You can grow this money plant on the roof and taros also and your main door is also good to decorate with money plant. You can decorated your bedrooms with money plants because when you sleep it gives you a healthier sleep and keep you comfort so you can keep plants in many decoration things like glass pots   and many other boxes which you like most .You can make different pots with your hands because it is very easy and good looking .You can use   useless pots and boxes for grow money plants you can decorate those useless pots with paints and different decoration things  and keep it on your side tables. If there is specific study room for you then you should   decorate your room, s wall with money plant vine   and if there is no study room then you can use plants jar to decorate4 your table it is available in markets you can buy in any material wood, plastic, glass, steel earthen pot and so on if you are creative then you can make homemade plants pot.
There are many windows in the room you can decorate your windows with plants  and when you open your window then you feel very fresh fragrance and fresh air .In the corner of the room many people  keep fake vases with fabric flowers but  now you should try money plant pots it give your room a new look .If you have dining room where you want to eat your meal you want that room should be clean and full of fragrance then you can embellish the walls ,doors and window panes with different flowers and money plant. In this room you can spend your spear time and it is best place for your   study. You can decorate your garden with different flowers and grass it will be a great effect on your health and when the season of raining everything   becomes fresh and neat and when you go there and feel the beauty of nature .In your bedrooms must keep different pots  because it is very trendy and good for health .May be that myth will prove true and your bedroom will fill with lots of money and  you become financially strong through the money plant .
Bonus tips:  Plants are whether anyone but its present effect  on you in very great way  and when you sees in the morning you  feel fresh whole day so select these plants for your home which are not harmful I mean no dangerous insect are  connected with them  and keep your plant area clean and don’t select these vines of money plant which are light yellow rather  select dark green  vine it can be grow in water and soil both.

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