In any school when it takes place a function, the need for a stage is crucial but it must be decorated with awesome ideas right according to the need of the functions. I have different ideas for decorating the stage with many things and styles fit for any function or event. Mostly for annual functions stage decorations is the most important thing for the best view. The significance of stage decoration cannot be denied, if it is styled with awesome creative ways the impression is good for parents while for the performances, photo shot of children contains much value.
There are many ways to take a plunge with the stage décor for example, balloons, flowers, sceneries, curtains, lights, bulbs, crafty items, and the pom-pom. But most of the time it is expected that the school stage decoration must be with creative ideas so that it could look inspiring for children as well as for parents come to any function.
The most prominent decoration items used to décor any stage is the balloons and curtains that enhance the beauty of any empty place, you can style them in various ways. In this post I will give you idea for different functions held in any school.
I remember the day when I took part in decorating the school stage for annual function when I was teaching in a school. We used the net pleated fabric to give it flairs and style it on the walls of stage, then the glitter butterflies in big and small size was tucked on this stuff. For side walls the stripes and layers of crepe paper were hang on the windows. Bunches of balloons was looking awesome which we embellished on different places and the edges of curtains. It was fantastic experience of stage decorating. Well let’s come to have more ideas which will help any teacher to be appreciated by adorning in different ways.

Creative stage decoration for school:

1. stage decoration for school

You can make a paper castle and put it on the stage while big size star balloons with streamers will look amazing hanged on the roof of stage. Make the cartoon faces with hard paper and draw them with colors, paste them in front of the lower side of stage to make the stair place interesting.

Stage décor with different color curtains:

2. school stage decoration with curtains

Take different color silk curtains and drape it on to stage by hanging the biog item like you can see in the picture. An embellished guitar is also perfect where there is any concert held in school. You can also try the addition of balloons with using curtains on stage.

Concert stage decoration for school function:

3+ stage decor for school functions3++ stage decor for school functions


When there is any show about music or the classical dance competition function, you may go with these two décor idea for school stage. You have choice if you want lights or bulbs to rock the function in alluring way, or with the use of crafty handmade musical instruments adorned on the walls of school stage.

Stage decoration for teacher day:

4. teachers day stage decoration idea

For teacher day the stage of school hall must be illuminated with lights. For inspiration, look into the picture where dice and the front wall are looking fantastic using modern tools of adornment.

Embellish stage curtains with crafty ideas:

5. simple school stage decoration

Stage curtains are simple but to make them creative, use the paper cut color and the lines draw from it to give the importance of colors in life. You can place large size pencil colors made from hard paper for school function on the both corners of stage.

Beautiful stage decoration:


6. stage decoration with art work

When the school wants to give the inspiration about the nature, the stage can be decorated with the plants and sun on stage. You can make flowers in different colors and adorn it on the lower side of stage and in the entire hall too.

Balloon decoration for school stage:


7. balloon stage decoration idea

Balloons are beautiful and pretty for any décor and for school function, it contains much importance. Take the inspiration from my idea you can see in the picture now the trend of fancy balloons in different shapes and style are popular for school decoration, so make a style statement with this and rock the function.

Stage décor for school annual function:

8. beautiful school stage decoration

For annual function the decoration for school stage must be more sophisticate and attractive. So you can make the style same in the picture, using bright color curtains, flowers, pom-pom and butterflies.