Monnalisa is the luxurious Italian brand. It was established in 1968. Franchino Rusca is the founder of this brand. This breand is networking in 50 countries of the world. The fashion pony mous create women accessories, clothing, children wear, accessories and painting. This brand freshly launched the collection f children wear.

Here we are going to show you its collection. In this anthology, Monnalisa design strapless shirt with trouser, flare frocks, sleeveless fitted shirt with plated skirt, cowl neck v hem shirt tight trouser, round hem shirts and frock, opaque fabric jackets and shirts, upper and shorts. Prints of the dresses are quite different from each other and unique.

Fabric of the dresses are blended, cotton, and jeans. You can see that little girls are also worn ankle boots, leather flat pumps, flower ear rings, bands, heart shape goggles and Scarfs. At the end we can say that all the girls out fits of Monnalisa brand is very elegant and stylish.

Brand: Monnalisa
Hodgepodge: girl’s outfits
Colors: white, black, red, pink, navy blue, cream
Fabric: cotton, blended, opaque and jeans
Perfect for: casual wear

White flower style dress, band and purse

1 formal Monnalisa Spring-Summer 2014 Outfits For Girls ideas (1)

Bunny printed shirts with short and long jeans with heart shape goggles

2 stylish Monnalisa Spring-Summer 2014 Outfits For Girls (1)

Pistachio and pink flower printed dress

3 new collection Monnalisa Spring-Summer 2014 Outfits For Girls (3)